“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever.”
– Noah, The Notebook

In 2019, I suffered great loss.

My grandmother fell asleep in death due to an unknown illness on April 7th, 2019. I spent roughly all of March with her and my grandfather before she passed away. I was unable to be by her side when it occurred, and that made it hurt more than anyone can imagine. I had never experienced the death of a loved one in my 22 years, so this feeling tore me to pieces.

April was rough.

Understandably, I was shaken up. My faith was tested greatly and with Jehovah’s help, I slowly recovered. I threw myself into my ministry, trying to drown out my own sorrows by helping others. That’s how Olaf came into my life.

I was invited to join some friends in an all girl’s letter writing group.

If you ask me, this is my favorite part of our little story. Weeks passed and I began to again enjoy the company of people my own age. I found great comfort in the stories, encouragement, and just plain company of the girls in this group. But one Friday, one of the girl’s comes strolling in with a familiar face I couldn’t quite place. He introduced himself as Olaf, the name rang a bell, and not just because he shares his name with a very popular Disney character.

I felt uneasy with his presence.

I was finally feeling like I was coping with my loss, and Olaf’s presence in the group made me anxious and uneasy. Not because of anything he personally did, but because I was not ready to let more people into my life. And if you ask him, He will tell you how uncomfortable he felt because he sensed my discomfort from a mile away. 

But as the weeks passed by, we became friends.

In time, the group went from just letter writing to doing recreational things together. No matter what or where we were, Olaf and I always seemed to gravitate towards each other. In one of these outings, we figured out that we had actually met a few months before at a Karaoke Party, which explained why I thought I remembered him. In time, I began to find great comfort in his presence, a familiar face when we were out and about in big crowds and gatherings. If you have had the opportunity of meeting Olaf then you already know that he is just the sweetest, always smiling and joking. He befriends everyone, one of the easiest people to be around.

And as the story always goes, things went from friends to something more.

After many conversations between us, with trusted friends and loved ones, we started officially dating July 27th, 2019. We filled our days with getting to know each other better, spending time together with family and friends, and most importantly incorporating a spiritual routine. He has helped me hush the fears that constantly fester in me, helps me carry the burdens I have, and somehow manages to deal with me.. always with a smile on his face.

Now 2 months have come and gone in a whirlwind.

And I feel incredibly blessed to have such a balanced but spiritually driven man in my life.

  • We had the privilege of attending the Love Never Fails Convention in Sacramento, CA together.
  • We are both regular pioneering this year, supporting each others very hectic schedules.
  •  We have a scheduled time each week for our Bible Reading and FW.

And he pesters me every day about my daily bible reading, which coincidently I am behind on. But I guess that’s another reason why I love him, so can’t complain.

So with all that said and done, just a thought from my part. 

In times of need and distress, what you need will be provided for you. Kindness and support can creep up on you from anywhere, even places and people you never thought of. People can go from aquiantances to your moral support system. And you may be surprised and find someone great along the way.


M 💕




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