January 2019.


How the years have passed since I started this little way of trying to express myself, my blog.

Where has the time gone?

Since the beginning of 2017, I have been earnestly seeking the things that make me happy. Which means so many of my days have been spent reflecting new and past experiences, diving into new projects, going out and meeting new people.

But also it has brought many changes to my life, many I have accepted with open arms while others were like pulling my teeth out.

Did I find happiness?

Yes, so much of it.

I have found true happiness in new adventures and friends, friends who have shown me what it’s like to be truly appreciated and loved.

I have found true happiness in my ministry, becoming a full time minister of God’s Word in mid 2018 was the greatest thing I have ever done.

I have found true happiness in letting go, letting go of years of resentment towards those who have hurt me and letting go of the negativity that I let fester in my life for way too long.

I have found true happiness in healthy boundaries, realizing that some people just can not give love or receive love the way I do/give and I can’t let that affect me.

Am I content?

In some ways yes, actually in a lot of ways yes.

But I still see the constant need for improvement in myself. The way I look at things or the way things affect me, I can always improve in that.

And I feel like that in itself will continue to help me grow into the type of person I want to be.

Goal for 2019?

To live a simple life.

That can mean all kinds of different things for people,

But for me? It means a new, fresh outlook on things.

I find myself constantly asking, “Do I really need that? Will that help me accomplish my goals? What could I possibly gain from having this thing/person in my life?”

And when I stop to think about those questions, it really helps me find happiness and contentment with my life. I can easily identify what is missing in my life and what is already there but has been overlooked.

A brand new appreciation for what could be and what already is.

So as January ends and February is peeking it’s little head,

I gladly welcome the personal growth that awaits me.



M đź’•

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