Dear M.

If I could tell baby M anything to help “her” go through life, I would say:

1. Study the Bible as soon as you can; learn about Jehovah, put all these things in your heart & don’t let go.

2. Don’t get attached to your fleshly family,

Because eventually they will leave you behind when you make big decisions in your life. They won’t be in your life anymore, and the small instances when they are.. they will hurt you and leave you disappointed.

3. Even though you got hurt, even though the people you cared about the most hurt you in ways you won’t overcome for a long time.. don’t put up that wall around your heart. Don’t become that cold hearted person that life tries to turn you into. Conquer it, think of how others have it worse than you do.

4. Be grateful. Every breathe you take, every dollar you get to spend.. all of it is a gift you don’t deserve.

5. Talk to Jehovah. Talk to him constantly. He HAS to be your best friend, do NOT forget him. Do NOT put him in your back pocket. He is going to change your life, hold your hand as you go through this crazy life.

6. And lastly, girl push through. Push through adversity. Push through the little voice in your head that says you can’t do it. Push through when people hurt you. Push through the tears and the pain. Push through when you hurt yourself. Push through Marilyn,

please push through.

You have so much to live for, so much to do.





M ❤️

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