Millions long for immortality who don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  – Susan Ertz

I live in a cozy house with one independent mom, two teenage girls, and two loving dogs.

I work for a Children’s Hospital, every week day from 6:30 AM to 3:00 PM.

During the week:

  • I work my tail off for people that unfortunately are pretty ungrateful.
  • help with household chores.
  • run errands.
  • study a little bit from the Bible each day.
  • and lastly, enjoy some me time.

So, weekends are what I look forward to as I tug through the trials of adult life.

A break, a refresher, a charge up.

Saturday’s are a service day. A day for fun. A day for shopping. A day for getting together. A day for partying.

But then comes Sunday.

It is said that Sunday’s clear the rust of the whole week. They cleanse, refresh, and leave unthinkable amounts of opportunity open.

Sundays for me are exactly that. A restart button to a horrible week. A cleanse from stressful tasks that were already completed. A spiritual refresher after a beautiful Sunday Watchtower study.


You provide the slow and steady pace that I wish I had everyday. You provide a peace of mind that washes over me in a way I crave every week.


You remind me of simple times and simple thoughts. You remind me to sit and count my blessings. You remind me to talk to Jehovah about what I have accomplished and what I strive to do.


You are a blessing in disguise and I will continue to look forward to your calm presence and quiet moments.

See you in a week.


M ❤

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  1. Sunday’s are my favorite too!

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