Time changes all things. February changes people. You change.


Your 28 days, came and were gone.


A time for: Binging. Smiling. Planning. Crying. Working. Celebrating. Dancing. Studying. Caring. Changing.


You & I February,

We attended a baby shower. We cried about a relationship that has been over for years. We bought a new planner. We watched movies all night. We said No to my boss. We went Salsa dancing at a nightclub. We rexamined a few friendships. We grew.


You shut doors right on my face and opened new ones. As you changed slowly but surely into March, I could feel the excitement bubble in me. I know that a new month means a new day, new adventures, and new choices. You taught me so much.


As I sit here and reflect on our time together, I realize it is time to say farewell to you.

But do not worry about me, I am continuing on my journey.

Excited to welcome March, with open arms.


M ❤

13 thoughts on “February.

      1. I am originally from Texas actually. 🙂 My mom and sisters still live there, so I visit often. Just lately life has prevented me from it, but it’s on my list. We may meet someday! ❤

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      2. Well you should definitely come back and stay with me. I rent my parents guest house and you can stay there! You won’t have to worry about money for a hotel, just save for your flight and I’ll take care of the rest!

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      3. I think so too. Whenever you are free, look up things you’d like to do here in Dallas or places you would like to visit and we can plan an itinerary for your visit. Oh! Look into the State Fair of Texas! It comes the last week of September and goes through the first two weeks of October. Tell me what you think!

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